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With our Content partners, we are adding 2-10 new FAST linear channels every month using our Playout Service. Here is a sample listing of the channels including the channel name, description, rating, language package, genres, geo restrictions, etc.

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You can have a look and view most of the channels on our different Partner Platforms


Creating FAST Linear SSAI Channels has taken a unique approach in the creation of our FAST Server-Side Ad Insertion channels through the automation of the channel creation process.

As a result, we can create a new channel within 2-5 days facilitating rapid deployment and delivery to third party / OTT Platforms allowing monetization to begin immediately.

We follow industry standards and avoid proprietary technology which further enables easy integration with others in the SSAI eco-system like AWS MediaTailor, SpringServe, AWS CloudFront, SpotX, Publica, etc.

You can have a look and view most of the channels on our different Partner Platforms


OTT White Label Platform

Our platform has evolved over the last 8 years and serves both Subscription and FAST Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) based Platforms. Our technology is modular, open standards based, with well documented APIs allowing the use of any or all of our components including our middleware, security, monetization, and standard Apps suite including Web, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and LG and Samsung Smart TVs.

What makes us unique is our ability to combine our technology platform with our 170+ FAST linear channels and over 1,000+ VODs titles for complete end-to-end White Label branded OTT Platforms.


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About Us

Our story started with technology and evolved to include content


We launched in 2015 and have built our video technology platform and services based on the ongoing feedback and direction from our clients.  Our services initially focused on the Subscription based needs of telco and cable operators and has evolved into servicing both the Subscription and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) based FAST markets. 

Over the years projects have been impeded due to lack of Content and we recognized the need for additional linear and VOD Content. As a result we launched our Playout Service and now have over 170+ FAST channels created with our Content partners, and are deploying to our OTT Platform customers.  This has extended to further services offerings, including Content Distribution services of Content to other OTT Platforms and Operators around the world.


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